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EurBalance is a new company which offers assistance and training to improve the performance of your national administration when dealing with EU financial affairs. These affairs may concern both the revenue and expenditure sides of the EU-budget and can range from case work to general issues. We assist in finding a counterbalance between your Member State's interests and arguments, and those of the European Commission. This will contribute to minimizing the financial risks of future potential disputes with the Commission. Moreover, we can raise the awareness of these risks within your administration and help you to better understand the thought processes of the European Commission. Listening to, looking at and speaking 'the EU language' will contribute to smoother-running of EU administrative processes in your national environment and prevent you (your Member State) being held financially responsible by the Commission in future.

Our experience lies in the field of establishing, recovering and transferring traditional own resources to the EU budget and, more generally, in all other aspects of Member States' financial activities in the EU revenue and expenditure fields. We have special expertise in the prevention of administrative errors, writing-off EU financial claims, action to follow-up MA communications and the preparation for EU Commission and ECA visits.

EurBalance in the News


Antwoorden van staatssecretaris Weekers (Fin) op vragen van het Kamerlid Omtzigt (CDA)
F. Weekers 14-10-2013


Kamervragen Omtzigt (CDA) over de inning Europese douanerechten in Nederland en de boetes die Brussel heeft opgelegd voor het niet, incorrect of onvolledig innen.
P. Omtzigt (CDA) 16-8-2013


Hoge boete na fouten douane
K. Voskuil - Algemeen Dagblad 16-8-2013


Brussel loopt jaarlijks € 500 mln mis aan importheffingen door fraude en fouten
K. Broekhuizen - Het Financieele Dagblad 27-3-2013


Administrative performance differences between Member States recovering Traditional Own Resources of the European Union
Directorate-General for internal policies, Policy Department D Budgetary affairs 28-2-2013


Harm Ede Botje interviewt Hans Davids
Radio 1, Bureau Buitenland (VPRO) 25-11-2012